Last week, I heard a podcast with Seth Godin in which he talked about daily blogging. He said that if you commit to showing up to write every day, whether you feel like it or not, something to write about will present itself. Especially on a blog, if you need to post daily, you’ll find something to say.

So I’m going to give it a whirl again. I’m not making any grand promises, just giving it a try. I want to show up as often as possible and say something that I’m willing to put out there to the world. I’m trying this new concept of discipline.

I started a new way of eating back in October, called Bright Line Eating. It’s taught me a lot about discipline. I am an ENFP on the Meyers-Briggs personality scale, and that “P” in there (for perceptive) means that I like to do what I feel like doing, not always what needs to be done or what I should do. Somehow in my life, I’ve gotten to this point and gotten a lot done! And yet, day to day, I can find myself floating along until I am at a drop-dead deadline, and then I finally get something done.

Bright Line Eating helped me to get more disciplined about food, and then about other structures in my day. One of the big premises that helps the program work for weightloss is the idea that we can automate certain habits. If we’re good about brushing our teeth, we do that daily. I know I do it as soon as I get up, to get that icky overnight taste out of my mouth. So we can also automate what we eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then we can automate other healthy habits, like making the bed, spending some time in meditation, reading something inspirational or uplifting early in the morning, etc. Those last three things are actually part of the Nightly Checklist, which is one of the BLE tools.

At first, I was really resistant to the idea of checklists. I hate not being able to check things off! And I cannot check anything off that I haven’t really done — that’s lying!

But the Nightly Checklist helps me remember to write in my Gratitude Journal (another tool), and now that I’ll be working from home more often (new job! will tell more another time…see Facebook!) I want to be more disciplined in the morning.

Who knows if it will stick? Even if I don’t follow all the way through, it’s really a practice, so I can begin again with each new day. So here I am, trying to begin again! Hi there! Aloha!


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