One Year

Today makes one year since Irene, Maggie, and I left York for Lana’i, joining Don and Jackson who had been here since July 26. It’s both hard to believe we’ve been here for a year and also feels like we’ve been here forever.

It’s been a year of lotsandlotsandlots of togetherness as a family, of bickering and squabbling and getting frustrated with each other when we’re rained into our one-story plantation-style house, but also of our family strengthening and coming together as a unit as never before.



It’s been a year of missing Central Pennsylvania and all the people we love there, most especially grandparents, aunts, and uncles (for the kids — parents, brother, and sisters for Don and me.)

It’s been a year of hitting the wall and then finding a way to either knock it down, climb over it, or go around it.

It’s been a year of flourishing, especially for Don as a teacher, and for our family as we learn about Hawaiian culture and history, and also Kosraen culture from our congregation.


It’s been a year of new puppies!

cosey maggie-mosey mosey

It’s been a year of new friends, of being humbled and honored, hurt and strengthened. Of being on more planes and ferries than I ever thought I’d ride in my life (seriously–I just never thought I’d fly much!) and going to the beach more often than I ever expected to, either!


Of course it’s been a year of too much to put into words in one post.

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping us in prayer during this past year; please keep it up! It helps us immensely to know that we’re being held in the hearts of so many we know from past workplaces, schools, and churches. On with the journey!



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