since Christmas

I’ve heard from a few people that they are looking for my posts and not finding them…I have been delinquent again in blogging. I can’t seem to get a good routine for myself! Maybe because I bite off more than I can chew and can’t keep up with it (as in life, so in blogging, maybe?)

Anyway, since Christmas, some things happened:

footbreak castThe stars on Lana’i are just so darn beautiful that I couldn’t help but look at them when I was supposed to be looking ahead of me and running. I missed a place on the sidewalk where the path changed, and came down hard on the edge, causing a click and a fall and then a big swollen bump! I went to the ER in the hospital here and learned that I fractured my fibula, and was sent home with an air cast (little bitty thing) and instructions to ice it and stay off of it. Two days later, I flew to Oahu and got the hard cast.

Then, a few days after that, I was installed as the official pastor of Lana’i Union Church!

famlei  leilei2Below is a picture of the bulk of the congregation.  As I think I may have mentioned before, most of the congregation is made up of people from the Micronesian island of Kosrae. They are amazing and wonderful! I will write more about Kosrae and the culture of the Kosraens soon — I promise!


Then at the beginning of February, I went back to the ortho doc on Oahu and was moved into a boot for my ankle.


That stayed on for a full month (including sleeping in it — blech!) and then on March 2, I was freed from it! Now I’m doing physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that atrophied while my leg was immobilized, and I’m working my way back to getting stronger again.

Of course, many more things happened. Unfortunately, there was not too much of this:


although there were 3 times where I did this:

bagBut there will soon be more of this:

beachbecause one of the best things about living here is the beach, and it helps to put everything in its proper perspective (ie., we are little people in a big, big world…on a little tiny island in a big, big ocean…and we can breathe and play and watch the glory of God’s creation and let go of a little bit of stress).

Hopefully I will get my act together to post more again soon! Aloha!


One thought on “since Christmas

  1. Not surprised at the busy:ness. One doesn’t change their personality when relocating. You are blessed and i’m sure, a blessing to the congregation. Loved the turkey and Christmas tree delivery stories. Glad you got to the mainland for the annual conferences too. You are really missed Sun Pm. group shrinking terribly. I did well with a ovarian cyst/hysterectomy and Geo 1/2 way thru foot surgery fusion. then the other foot next winter. We head to England for the second visit and will enclude Dublin.
    My daughter marries in July, moves in to a new home sometime before that, and all is well. hugs, Kt


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