How to Get a Christmas Tree in Lana’i

I should have written this post so long ago, because we’ve now had our Christmas tree for almost a whole month! Earlier than I’ve ever gotten a Christmas tree before in my life!

That’s because there is one (well, one main) way to get a tree here, which is to buy it from students who are in the band at the Middle and High Schools. Then, all the trees and wreaths appear on a specified day when they are unloaded from the barge that comes once a week to bring supplies. This year, it came on November 26, the day before Thanksgiving. It is a quite a community event.

tree pickup

more people

All the wreaths are there on the grass in rows, and the trees are sorted based on their type and size. You line up, with your prepurchased tickets showing what you’re getting, and wait your turn to go pick your wreath and/or tree.

all wreaths


Then, you get your tree, and you are happy!

got it

Then you take it home and set it up in your living room, where it hangs out, naked, for a while till you get to go to Maui and grab some ornaments at Long’s Drugs. (Well, that’s what happened here. Next year it will be a little different!)

Wanted to get this post up before Christmas…Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian for Merry Christmas!), though I hope to also post tomorrow on the actual day of Christmas!

(PS. Sorry for the small photos this time; I uploaded them differently and when I try to make them bigger, they are grainy! Live and learn…will do better next time!)


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