How to Get a Turkey in Lana’i


Lana’i is such a tiny island, our grocery stores keep the basics and some “nice-to-haves” in stock, surely with not enough freezer space for thousands of frozen turkeys, so how do the residents of Lana’i get their Thanksgiving turkeys?

At the Turkey Giveaway!


Before the event happened, I had seen the words “Turkey Giveaway” on the girls’ hula schedule and tossed around in town, and I thought maybe it was a raffle situation, where some people won turkeys as a result of entering a contest. Turns out, everyone with a PO Box in town gets a turkey!

oprah turkey
You get a turkey, and you get a turkey, and you get a turkey!

It’s a big event in town. Since we are new, we had to just give our name and PO Box; next year, we will be mailed a ticket as our voucher. You get a frozen turkey (approx 12 pounds) and a 5 lb bag of rice.

And many organizations are there helping to spread the word about what they do, from a women’s shelter to hospice to the community health center. It’s a major community event! There was even dancing! Hula and Tahitian!


And crafts!


The mayor of Maui was the one here giving them out. In the past, apparently the Governor of Hawaii has been here, or one of our senators or representatives.

So….that is how everyone gets a turkey! Stay tuned to hear about how we all get our Christmas trees (you may have noticed a little preview on Facebook today…)


4 thoughts on “How to Get a Turkey in Lana’i

  1. What a lovely tradition! Also very inclusive. Hope you are having fun cooking in today. 1:30 here in MI but barely dawn for you now. We are getting some snow but seems to be letting up… Remember that white stuff? George and my son are driving up from York/VA together. Supposed to arrive by dinner. Having your Mom visit anytime? Miss you, of course. Hugs, Kt


    1. We did have a great day! We made our own Thanksgiving feast and it was a sweet day.

      My mom comes out the Monday before Christmas for 3 weeks; can’t wait to see her! Love you! Give my best to everyone!


  2. Aloha, Sarah. I came across your blog as I was researching living on Lanai. We are being considered for a job there that would start in February. We have a toddler, and I’m trying to decide if this is the best move for our family. Would you be willing to discuss via email with me? I can be reached at
    We already live in Hawaii but this would be far more remote than even our small town. Mahalo!


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