As with the previous blog I tried to write, I am not doing a very good job of keeping up with this one! I want to take a few minutes to try to get caught up, though, and share a few more recent pictures.

The past month has been a bit of a whirlwind. I went back to the mainland at the end of September for a ministry conference at Church of the Resurrection UMC in Leawood, Kansas. Travel from Hawaii to Kansas was a bit of a slog! If you saw my Facebook post, you know that I took the ferry from Lana’i to Maui on a Sunday morning, took a shuttle to the airport in Kahului, Maui, and from there took a flight to Seattle. Then from Seattle I was on an overnight flight to Minneapolis, and from there to the Kansas City airport, where I was picked up by another shuttle to go to the hotel in Leawood. On the way home, it wasn’t quite so bad, though not beautiful, either. I was picked up (at 3:30 a.m.!) by the shuttle to head to the Kansas City airport, and from there to Phoenix (for a super-short layover; I was one of the last ones to board the plane and thankfully it was delayed about 12 minutes), to Sacramento, and then back to Maui, and then shuttle, ferry, Lana’i.

When I travel to Phoenix in January, I’ll just go to Honolulu from the Lana’i airport and then a direct flight to Phoenix. But next summer I need to go to Cleveland, and that won’t look pretty, once again! I guess it’s one of the prices of living in Hawaii now. And I probably shouldn’t complain πŸ™‚

Even when there are difficult moments here, and they’re honestly not many — probably just the “usual” adjustment of immersion in a new place, a lot of people speaking in different languages so that we’re not always exactly sure what’s going on, and the clumsiness of building new relationships, not to mention people we miss from home — the scenery and the overall graciousness and friendliness of people here help to soften some of the rough edges. I’ll never get tired of this view from the Lodge.


And we went to see Shipwreck Beach, which also yielded some great shots. The one below is a little fuzzy because I had to zoom way in with my phone.



I love that last one (even though you can’t see the ship) because it’s a great view of Moloka’i from Lana’i.


And there’s Don carrying Maggie down the path. This would make a phenomenal hike, though not very kid-friendly. And apparently you can get closer to the ship when you hike for a bit, which makes the zoom not as necessary πŸ™‚

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers you’ve been sending our way! I’ll write more again shortly, I promise!


2 thoughts on “update

  1. Glad for all the views of such lovely sites. Glad you are out and about so much. How does Don like teaching? Your plane trips sure are a slog, but you’re young and vibrant, you will absorb it. Meeting really misses you. Did you get our friend connected to this? Our Mutual Rev/friend resigned last week. We are reeling. We’ll get thru it. Happy Holloween . Kt


    1. Don really likes teaching! He is very fond of the students and is having a good experience. I miss you, too! I hope that S received the link to get connected and follow the blog. Tell everyone I (we) said hi! Thanks for keeping up with us!


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