the Costco schlep

North Americaninformal
verb: schlep; 3rd person present: schleps; past tense: schlepped; past participle: schlepped; gerund or present participle: schlepping; verb: schlepp; 3rd person present: schlepps; verb: shlep; 3rd person present: shleps; gerund or present participle: shlepping; past tense: shlepped; past participle: shlepped
  1. 1.
    haul or carry (something heavy or awkward).
    “she schlepped her groceries home”
    • (of a person) go or move reluctantly or with effort.
      “I would have preferred not to schlep all the way over there to run an errand”
noun: schlep; plural noun: schleps; noun: schlepp; plural noun: schlepps; noun: shlep; plural noun: shleps
  1. 1.
    a tedious or difficult journey.
  2. 2.
    another term for schlepper.

    Ah, schlepping. That was the word of the day yesterday on our Costco trip. I am not sure if the trip is one that I’ll be able to make frequently. To do it, you board the ferry, which is about a 15-20 minute drive from the house to the harbor. Then, you ride the ferry for 45 minutes across the channel to Lahaina, Maui. Then, you either borrow a friend’s car or rent a car (thankfully, we had a wonderful colleague whose husband was our guide and chauffeur for the day), and drive 45 minutes to Kahului, Maui, to the Costco. For us, we first made a stop at Wal-Mart to buy coolers to stash our stuff. (That won’t always be the case.) Then, we went to Costco, and even on a Thursday morning, had to park waaaay in the back lot. Then, the shopping. It was so busy! And apparently on the weekends it’s even worse; basically you can hardly maneuver your cart and have to go in with A LOT of patience.

    Then, the ringing up! I was holding my breath at the cash register, and thankfully only came in $50 above what I had hoped to spend. But still! It was a lot.

    Luckily, Costco lunch is very cheap, so that was an easy choice, and then my host for the day drove us around Maui to take a look at the beaches.

    (Okay, true confession time — I had Jack with me. I realize as I write that I keep saying “we,” and you’re probably wondering who the other party is…it was Jack. He begged and begged and begged to go, and so we let him have the educational experience of the Costco run instead of a day of school. Will not be happening again, though, because he wanted to stock up on snack foods and Sunny D instead of what we actually need in our house!)

    With two coolers packed full, a cooler bag also filled to the brim, and a box of dry goods, we hauled our way back onto the ferry, only spilling the box of dry goods approximately 3-4 times. Some people stepped in to help us, since a young boy was one of the ones trying to do the work! He kept getting held up on the “speed bumps” on the ferry ramps.

    Then, we strapped the coolers into the back of the truck (which has arrived! hurray!), and headed home.

    Ay yi yi. What a day! The trip pretty much flattened me. I am not sure we will keep making the trip…at least for the next time, Don needs to go since he is our main cook and can perhaps make better decisions about what we should buy and what will actually be useful. There is also a woman on the island who makes the trip and just charges a percentage fee, which honestly, with the cost of the ferry, is probably cheaper, at least depending on the items being purchased and the total of the bill.

    That’s the scoop on the Costco schlep! Don got tired of hearing me use the word “schlep” yesterday, but that’s truly what it is!


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