The landscape here is gorgeous. The beaches, for sure, are wonderful. But beyond the beaches, there is also gorgeous scenery of pine trees and mountains.

First, the beach:



Complete with beautiful tide pools:

Then, one of my favorite spots on the island, where you can look out and see the ocean facing one direction, and then turn around and see mountains (almost like you’re in Pennsylvania!) in the other direction!


I’ve been doing some hiking, too. The trails are really well-maintained, and one particular trail, Koloiki Ridge Trail, is beautiful and well-marked. Here are some scenes from that trail!


When you get up to the top of the ridge, you can look out and see Moloka’i to your left and Maui to your right. Apparently you can also see some of the mountaintops on the Big Island from that same vantage point, but it was a little too cloudy for me to spot them.

First Moloka’i:


And Maui:


I will write more soon to talk more about how we’re getting settled, but for today, please enjoy the pictures! Mahalo for reading!


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